International sculpture symposium - spain
Deadline: 10th June 2018

A Spanish city announces an international sculpture symposium, with the theme "Literat...
Festival and exhibition of plastic arts - colombia
Deadline: May 23, 2018

A plastic arts festival will take place in Colombia and is aimed at national and international ...
International art biennial – serbia
Deadline: 21st May 2018

A city of Serbia is organizing an International Art Biennial on works on paper and of paper...
Sculpture prize outdoors - italy
Deadline: 15th May 2018

A Cultural Association organizes an outdoor sculpture award on the sea. The goal is the cre...
International sculpture symposium in stone - italy
Deadline: 30 April 2018

An Italian Municipality organize a biennial review of art, culture and tradition of the loca...
International sculpture symposium - italy
Deadline: May 15, 2018

An Italian town, organizes a Sculpture Symposium in white marble, from July to August, 2018. ...
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